History of Gianduja

history of gianduja

In 2022, gianduja is one of the most popular confections around the world. Made with only 3 basic ingredients, which are hazelnuts, cocoa and sugar, gianduja has stood the test of time as a trendy flavor that every consumer, from children to adults, loves to enjoy. Gianduja comes in all shapes, forms and recipes: as […]

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Aging Chocolate and Why We Do It

tuscani cioccolato

In the craft bean-to-bar chocolate industry there is a mysterious and almost secretive practice that you won’t find in books. Sure every artisan has his/her own unique way to roast the cacao beans, refine the cocoa nibs or conche the chocolate. But we aren’t talking about the most known steps of chocolate making. We are […]

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Direct Trade with Nicaragua

direct trade Nicaragua

There are many ways to get your hands on cacao beans. You can purchase them through a broker, an importer or a big producer, and even just place an order online and wait for the delivery comfortably sitting at home. We took a different route: we travelled directly to Nicaragua to meet the people behind […]

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